Well, for starters, Social Media is the use of customized and ever-present social sites for the promotion of any sort of media or brand through social interaction. In all honesty, it has become a bit of a buzz-term in the last year or so, so I don’t blame you if you are tired of hearing it. But what is it? What is it all about? How would one start using it? Let me explain a bit for you.

The Sites:

The sites are just the tools to get your message out to the masses. There are a TON of sites out there. Everything from the ones you most likely have heard of: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc., to sites you haven’t really heard of: Ning, Bebo, Plaxo, the list goes on and on. Keep in mind, however, that simply signing up to these sites and posting or adding friends, is just the tip of the iceberg. Think of it this way, you’re building a house, and the tools you use are hammers and nails. Social sites are your hammer and nails, using them for the ultimate goal of building the presence of yourself or your brand.


This is probably the most difficult to understand. A lot of users typically just post whatever they can, when they can without regard for content. Would you like to read when someone just went to McDonald’s? Not really, there is a meaning behind it, there isn’t a story. Your postings should follow a strategy, a flow and a story. Sit down before you begin posting and plan how you are going to speak to everyone. Oh, and make it exciting too!


How you interact with your social audience and what you post for them to read directly reflects back onto you and your brand. You have to have meaning in your messages, otherwise you’re just speaking at someone like a bum on the street corner yelling to the heavens. Ideally, you will want to speak with someone rather than at someone. Give your message meaning and the proper engagement it requires. Don’t be afraid to become friends with people and create dialog with them, that’s the nature of a social media.

So, there is your quick look into Social Media. You have questions or comments? Shoot us an email, we’ll help you figure things out.