• Mindspike Design delivers what we call “efficient design,” which means we give our clients direct-access to the design staff within a scalable project framework.
  • Mindspike works hard to achieve a big-picture marketing goal and can deliver projects as-needed (or as the budget allows) to create immediate value for the marketing dollar.
  • Mindspike delivers multiple options for clients’ marketing needs because no one solution fits every client. Mindspike believes that if budgets shrink, then options can grow.
  • This all falls to the clients’ advantage because Mindspike can quickly engage in a project with the client, with a lower cost of entry, and work through phases to deliver final results. Mindspike scales big ideas into deliverable, affordable designs. This is doing more with less.

One Response to “Doing more with less.”

  1. Peter Gohsman

    I agree with the direct access part, it’s a definite bonus to communicate vision directly to the designer. You might have forgot to mention how good Lisa is; at listening, at delivering what is asked for and, what I appreciate most, understanding the goal and offering proactive suggestions for improving.


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