There is a war brewing, a bocce war! Mindspike Design is taking on Lightburn in a Bocce War at the Intercontinental Hotel in Milwaukee on June 15th at 5:30pm.

We’re not ones to smack talk other people, but we are pretty sure we have some game to bring to the table. We may or may not win; that’s not the issue. This war is about bringing parts of the design community together to playfully fight over a game rather than accounts. This war is about bringing awareness to the design community. But mainly, this bocce war is about fun.

So we invite you to come down and watch us fight it out with Lightburn. Who are we referring to when we say, “you?” Well, everyone! Clients, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, friends, family, the Mayor of Milwaukee; everyone is invited! Plus, from what we hear, the Intercontinental Hotel is hosting some spectacular happy hour specials and appetizers. Maybe we can even make this an impromptu tweetup or perhaps we can even try for the swarm badge on Foursquare! Either way, it’s going to be a thriller!

See you there!

PS – If you think you have some mad bocce skills and want to help out Mindspike Design by being on their team, shoot us an email.”