You could argue that ‘boring’ can be an opinion, but for the most part – boring can be described as anything that’s predictable, repetitive, artificial and/or stale.

There is one exception. The Dukes of Hazzard was totally boring, yet it’s still pretty cool even today.

Why??? Because there are extenuating circumstances at play. There were elements of hotness (Daisy Duke), comedy (Cooter, Roscoe P Coltrane) and outrageousness (The General Lee flying through the air). So, even with stale story lines, predictable outcomes, repetitive chase scenes and way-too-made-for-television action sequences – The Dukes of Hazzard overcame it’s blatantly mundane narrative with just a few key fail-safe factors. You should probably take note of these, because now you know you can add hotness, comedy and outrageousness to any interactive campaign and probably come out on top. Why? Because it’s hard to deny: 1) a stuttering sheriff getting slapped in the face is funny, 2) that chick is hot and/or 3) car explosions are awesome (when it’s not your car).

So, boring CAN be saved — you just need to get UN-BORING. But, remember that today, in the internet age, we travel quickly at the click of a button. The rate at which we’re able to move from page to page is incredible, limited only by our internet connection speed or our severely impaired motor skills (kids, don’t drink and surf).

Catchy headlines, striking images and the web application that delivers it all will NEED to work together. Let us help you make your web presence and marketing programs un-boring. Leave the cool to us.