I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the world is moving pretty fast these days. I can barely keep up. Rather, I can’t seem to slow down.

I’ve hardly got enough time for my true passions. Who doesn’t love a luscious bottle of Zin? Ah, that earthy aroma, with a nose of blackberries, rose petals and a subtle hint of cedar and smokey oak.

But, this is what’s great about the pace of life today: I have the option of taking everything with me. My conversations, my work, even my hobbies – and the wine, too. Almost everything is just a click away. I can tweet about this wine I’m drinking, where I bought it, where I’m drinking it, and who is with me.

So, I lied when I said that the world is moving fast. It’s not. Things still happen at the same rate they did years and years ago, we just know about these things more now. We’re more accustomed to the rapid delivery of news and events. Ultimately, it’s all a matter of what you choose to pay attention to. We have the option of getting involved and participating in conversations, or we can opt to stay casual observers.

My point is simple: The conversation age of the internet moves at the speed of your customer.

Thankfully, the web is entirely scalable. For you AND your customer. You can start small with a simple website, then grow large with online marketing programs, have conversations in social networks, earn sales on your e-commerce site, appreciate your customers through email marketing… Sure, there’s a lot to handle when your business is online – after all, for good or bad, the internet is a conversation place.

Every website will scale over time. Few sites will stay the same as when they first launched. With the increasing use of blogs and content management systems, the old days of launching a static site, and not updating it, are over. Change is inevitable, and it happens fast, so we might as well embrace it. This is why designing for scalability, keeping pace with our customers – as furious as it might be – is what we’re all about at Mindspike. I already know what bottle of wine we’re popping open next.