The hyper-connectivity of the Internet has brought along the ferocious adoption of social media tools, resulting in a hyper-active and ever-increasing pressure to stay connected.

If the basic function of the Internet is communication, then the opportunities to connect are near limitless. New portals, tools and technologies have rapidly advanced the way we’re able to communicate. From cheap international phone calls to massive file transfers, our digital pipelines carry more than just our voices, thoughts and photos. We are creating personal brands, whether we like it or not.

As we create these digital identities by connecting on networks, posting blogs and generally sharing information across a wide array of social tools, we’re cultivating our personalities. The words we write, links we share and information we distribute allow us to maintain control of our public image. With such massive inter-connectivity and the increasing pressure to stay connected, letting our digital identity get stagnant or go dormant is a risk to this personal brand we worked so hard to establish. We must remain in control, we must stay hyper-connected.

This only underscores the importance of brand management in today’s digital age. Because internet communication became a ubiquitous piece of doing business today, simply leveraging our digital assets has become a most valuable strategy.