Every brand that has customers needs a social media connection. Your company should have a website! The internet and the ubiquitous nature of the web (in our everyday lives) isn’t going away – it’s how we communicate and it will only grow in importance. The simplest (and easiest) tactic to show that you’re serious about your brand, in creating a social connection, is to incorporate a blog into the company website. Blogs play a crucial role in helping customers (and potential customers) overcome barricades or sales objections, and making them feel they have a more personal connection with the company or product.

A blog, properly written and attended to, with the help of your web developer, will also help to raise your company’s level of expertise. Regularly publishing articles (blog posts) will show a true passion for the subject or topic, can help to alleviate worry or address a certain situation.  Your company’s communication skills will become clear through how blog comments are responded to.

After a blog is established, it’s crucial that the company follow thru, using the myriad of social media channels (like facebook, youtube, twitter, flickr) to draw people back to the blog, then to the website, then to purchase the product or service.