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Have you ever noticed that clear, defined, and consistent brands always seem to appear on the first page of Google searches? That’s not a coincidence. Your brand is actually one of the most important factors that Google considers for determining page rank.

Search engine optimization isn’t just about getting more sales or more clicks, it can be a powerful brand awareness tool. SEO can be demystified once you start looking at one of the most important factors Google looks at when determining who get’s to have first page results – your brand.

Beyond the logo

When most people think about brands, they generally think of logos, but branding is much more than that. A brand is the culmination of numerous factors that determines the public’s perception of your business. For instance, while people might recognize BMW’s logo instantly as being BMW, it also conjures thoughts and emotions of about an automobile company that is synonymous with technology, class, engineering, luxury, and performance. Some of these factors are influenced by the brand’s choices in determining itself, such as its advertising, its demographics, and outside influences reflected by its reputation for value and customer satisfaction.

Determining your brand

If you already have a brand, moving forward with these tips will be informative to your strategy. If you don’t have a brand, we have some tips on prioritizing your brand development.

First, it’s important to think about what drives brand development. Strong brands communicate what makes them different from the competition.That starts with looking at what makes you unique in the market, especially considering niche products and services you can stand out with. You also want to take a look at how your specific products or services are consumed by your target audience. This includes considering the demographics and locations of your audience and tailoring a campaign specifically towards them. These points lead to insights to help develop your brand guidelines. Creating a unique image and voice will allow for you to find the right fit for your brand’s “personality” in the market. Based on these findings, you can start to apply common SEO best practices to your campaign. This would include identifying topics and keywords, creating unique and engaging content for both social media and the web, and applying consistency with the brand and it’s message.

How brands and SEO compliment each other

Branding helps drive the marketing channels you choose, which is very similar to a successful SEO strategy. It’s important your brand considers the choices in demographics and messaging, which are exactly the beginning points of SEO. Google emphasizes on EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) of websites when determining page rank. Traditional brand building considers what your content is saying while listening to what others will say about your content. Google does the same by considering these brand-related metrics to identify websites that qualify for higher search results.

Putting it Together

To start a successful SEO campaign, make sure your brand is well developed and ready to face the market. Start with looking at what makes your brand unique and back it up with high-quality creative assets to maximize impact. Next, make sure you work with a search engine optimization expert that will work with both internal and external references to increase your exposure with Google. Last, make sure you are consistently applying a sustained and consistent strategy to produce results. Contact Mindspike today in order to help your business throughout this entire process.