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Vine: a six-second video app powered by Twitter.

Within two days of the app being released Jan. 30, it had more than 13,000 users. That number is skyrocketing.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a iPhone or iPad, you can’t use Vine. On the bright side, there are tons of online sites that post Vine videos, you can watch those and be jealous. Once Vine works out most of its kinks, it will be released for Android.

Within the last 24 hours there have been a number of “experts” opining on ways Vine can improve. This is the reason this app is going to be HUGE!


Mindbenders Media Vine: Tour with Tom Crabtree

Vine has infinite potential to expand and be refined. And it’s Mindbenders’ closely-held belief that instant videos will be more than a trend — but a widely-adopted way of sharing hyper-local happenings. Vine has already been tested and adopted by news organizations. As early as Feb. 1, the Wall Street Journal was assigning stories using Vine, and NBC New York was the first to use the app.

It’s easy to get excited about Vine’s potential. It’s minimalistic. Easy to use. It’s green! Despite being in its infancy, developers are already running with the app, creating a “Being John Malkovich”-type portal call Vinepeek where you can view (even record) newly-posted Vines in realtime. Very voyeuristic.

Why should you give Vine the time of day (in your personal life):

  • It’s amazingly simply and fun. GIF vids=social media gold.
  • It allows you to SAY more than 140 characters.
  • It’s super sharable! Sharing is the new reading.
  • It’s the fastest growing app ever. Ever. EVER. Now is the time to test it!

Good ways to use Vine for business:

  • Create a simple “How-To.” Example: How to cook a sauce, how to mix a drink, how to use a hair product, how to shave your manly beard. Whatever. Just remember — keep it concise. Not that you have a choice.
  • Event update: Vine is a perfect way to keep fans updated on what’s happening at a grand opening, conference, party, training session, etc.
  • Promote a sale or deal: Instead of using written words to promote, tell customers to send you a Vine, and you can send them back a video of a coupon with a specific whisper code or number. “Thanks, Vine!”
  • Showcase a product or service: It will help raise awareness. Release an “exclusive first look” via Vine.
  • Entertain! Be random, fun, creative and get personal. People eat that s@#! up. It makes you seem real vs. a greedy machine.

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