We are excited about the new mural that will live on the outside wall of the home of Mindspike Design, the P.H. Dye House! The new mural will feature an original piece by world-renowned German street artist Andreas von Chrzanowski—a.k.a. CASE, a.k.a. CASE Maclaim.

CASE is known as one of the most creative and innovative urban artists Europe, starting as a founding member of the infamous East German graffiti crew Ma’Claim and eventually migrating towards urban art. For over two decades, primarily using the medium of spray paint, CASE’s work has been featured photorealism with a touch of surrealism. CASE’s work embraces the themes of the universality of hands and the power of movement.

The project is being led by local artist cooperative agency Wallpapered City, the group responsible for producing and managing Black Cat Alley on Milwaukee’s East Side as well as the recently completed 7 mural corridor in East Tosa. This will be the group’s 41st mural and it’s 4th by an international artist.

Mindspike feels feel the new mural will have a huge impact on drawing attention to not only the building but the Historic Third Ward neighborhood and the City of Milwaukee at-large. The P.H. Dye Building is the tallest building in the Historic Third Ward and is easily seen from many points of view, including the I-794 freeway. The work reflects Milwaukee’s position as a city home to a vibrant creative groundswell.

Considering the Historic Third Ward’s reputation as the center Milwaukee’s creative scene, the mural will be an outstanding testament not only to the artistic spirit of the community, but of it’s entrepreneurial nature and the neighborhood’s working class roots.

The P.H. Dye Building is owned by Singerman Real Estate, LLC, which has been investing in significant improvements to the property including this mural artwork. We have been patiently waiting for a new, updated lobby and public area featuring a design by our neighbors Engberg Anderson and look forward to experiencing a veritable refresh of this classic building.

Mindspike has a unique perspective on the progress so far, considering CASE and his wife/partner are working on a crane right outside our offices and we can see them painting up close and personal (maybe too personal – we happened to see them share a quick kiss!). We took some exclusive photos and video footage using our drone of them working together on the artwork of the mural and wanted to share them with you!

We are looking forward to seeing CASE’s piece come into vision everyday and can’t wait to see the completed work on our wall for years to come!