The only thing better than writing about beer (or designing around it) is tasting it. And that’s just what Mindspike Design is going to do at the 3rd Annual Milwaukee Brewfest on Saturday, July 28 at the Old Coast Guard Pavilion along Milwaukee’s lakefront.

Wait, the only thing better than writing about beer and designing around it is writing about it while drinking it. So here we go!

A few beer facts: 

• Beer is the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems. In this case, attending the Milwaukee Brewfest 2012 is a way to skip out on your honey-do list. Which is, in a way, a solution to a problem.

• 24 Hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? Well, you’ll have to ask the 75 different beer companies scheduled to tap a keg at Milwaukee Brewfest.

• Egyptian laborers received “a measure” of beer a day as they built the pyramids. And there will be a number of breweries in attendance that started small, building national operations from ground up. Craft-brew grandaddies Sam Adams, Paulaner and New Belgium will roam the Pavilion with a certain air of debonair, whispering secrets to tasty upstarts.

• It helped make Milwaukee famous. A dozen breweries located within a Galena hops-throw of Milwaukee will be representin’ like no-coast gangstas. Wisconsin brewhouses like Leinenkugels, Lakefront, Capital, Titletown, Tyrenea, Furthermore, O’So, Delafield, Rhinelander, Point and Milwaukee Brewing will all be in attendance.

Milwaukee Brewfest may be a big festival for smaller breweries, but it’s where the cream always rises to the top. Maybe we should trademark that … Prost!