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Mindspike is proud to announce the launch of the new website of Pegasus Partners, a full service wealth management firm based in Mequon, WI. The new website is designed to showcase the Pegasus Partners’ brand and their client focused approach to wealth management.

When Pegasus Partners first approached Mindspike about doing a new website for the company, they made it clear they didn’t want the same old website of their competitors – they wanted something truly unique. They wanted a website that would be attractive, engaging, and user-friendly, with strong branding that would help identify the website to Pegasus.

Custom designed from the beginning, Mindspike came up with the concept of using a single-page website format, a unique way to display content. As visitors scroll through the website, the page reveals content using animation techniques to make the presentation dynamic. The site’s clean, uncluttered layout creates a canvas that allows for the content to stand out. Mindspike designed the custom icons used to represent the firm’s areas of focus.


Pegasus Partners Wealth Management for Individuals and Organizations

One of the major considerations was how the site was going to work on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. As trends have shown, more and more visitors continue to use their phones to view websites. Using responsive web design, the site functions correctly no matter if was on mobile device or a desktop computer.

Overall, the look and feel of the website is one that is enterprising, sophisticated, and professional, all which directly reflects Pegasus Partners. We invite you to visit their website at https://pegpartnersltd.com/ to see for yourself.

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