As is the Mindspike Holiday tradition, we give our best friends a legendary home-baked, brandy-spiked fruitcake. Others, like some employees, we enroll in the Jelly of the Month club.

But, for our Facebook Friends, we’re giving away a particularly awesome gift: The legendary Mindspike Nutcrackers.

With the exception of perhaps Hillary Clinton, few nutcrackers are as popular as ours. This mechanical device is every bit as beautiful as it is functional. It’ll work with walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts and almonds – so you’ll never go helpless and hungry around the holiday nut bowl again.

These nutcrackers really make opening nuts a breeze, but as an added bonus, these fine nutcrackers will also help you crack your way through the hard exoskeleton of some tasty marine crustaceans.

Since 2003, Mindspike Design has cracked a lot of tough nuts. So, now if someone tells you that you’re a “tough nut to crack” – you can nod in agreement while you hand ‘em your Mindspike Nutcracker.

To get your own Mindspike Nutcracker, enter our promo by telling us who you think is the biggest nutcracker of 2010.

Remember: Like every good nutcracker, Mindspike gives you functional design.

So the official rules are…

Contest will run 12/13 through 12/24, a winner will be picked every day. Some days we will feel especially generous and pick TWO winners.

To enter you have to “Like” Mindspike on facebook (what’s not to “Like” after all) then post your nominee for the “Biggest Nutcracker of 2010” on the Mindspike wall. Posts do not need to be made on the specific day to win, multiple posts will be excepted. Any lewd phrasing/imagery will be immediately disqualified and removed. (The definition of lewd is based on Mindspike’s opinion)

In this holiday season, we at Mindspike urge you to crack your nuts responsibly. Happy Holidays!