You have a product or service and you want your audience to know about it. How do you tackle that? Where do you even start?

Know Your Product.
Before you even start thinking about direct mailers, posters, e-blasts, flyers and the like, you have to know your product or service from the top down. Different products and services require different ways and means to sell them. There isn’t a single, master solution for every product or service. Your product/service has a personality, it has a purpose for being and as a result requires a custom approach every time.

Know Your Audience.

You are going to sell your product/service to a particular group. Who is it? Is this group already an established demographic? Do they require a lot of information? Are they online mainly? Where do they find their information? Are they trendsetters or trend-followers? Look further into your audience than simply looking and your market research. Get a feel for your audience.

Know Your Message.
Realize that your product or service requires a customized promotional strategy. But what is that strategy? What do you say? The message that you are trying to develop has to relate to your product/service, the audience you are trying to reach and the voice or emotion you are trying to apply to your product/service. Your message needs to be clear in it’s language, simple and to the point. Also, when dealing with the voice/emotion of the product/service, pull out a few adjectives that help you define the voice. All of this will help you articulate and formulate the message.

Know Your Budget.

This is the one thing that is nerve-racking for all companies, the budget. It is possible to put together a successful promotional campaign on a limited budget. However, you need to know how much you can spend and relay that to all of those involved, it will help straight away in the process.

Speak to a Creative.
This is where we come in. Promotional campaigns, marketing strategies, identity development, it is what we do for a living. We can help you understand the process. It is essential to understand that creatives not only create outstanding designs, but we create those designs for a reason, for a solution. Perhaps you want a direct mail campaign, but have you thought of viral promotions instead? How about social media? We have the knowledge and experience in taking products to the next level through the best channel required. We’ll give you that customization through brilliant artwork and an engaging strategy.

Develop a Strategy.

Take the idea of simply making a mailer and mailing it out of your head. Your campaign could be more diverse than that. It may require many different ways of promotion. It may require mailers, e-blasts, viral promotions, social media, radio/tv spots all together. It then becomes necessary to synchronize these services together into a cohesive campaign that all together reflects your product/service, message and audience. Once we help you figure this out, you know exactly where your promotions are going, how your audience is going to see it and you’ll know how to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.


Your message is complete, you know your audience, you have a promotional campaign model set up and you have a creative to help you along the way. Let’s start it up!

Using this as an outline in developing your promotional strategy will go a long way in insuring it’s effectiveness. And of course, Mindspike Design is always here to help you.