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Mindspike Design certainly considers the user experience when designing and updating our clients’ site. We want our site designs to be clean, clear and concise. And in the case of, tasteful and tasty.We’re big fans of Rustico Pizzeria (pronounced “Roost-ico”) on Water St. in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. While they are small changes to a quality site, we’ve added a new skin to, updated its social gates and made it easier to update.The site’s skin benefitted from the lush tones of treated wood, which reflect Rustico’s classic, oven-fired pizzas. Mindspike has reimagined the social buttons — making them cleaner and larger — better directing restaurant patrons to Rustico’s Facebook and Twitter.

But in the end, Rustico’s touch up was about providing a more elementary updating experience. If recipes don’t have to be complicated to be good, neither does the site design.In fact, web design and foodservice have a lot in common: It’s all about providing a delectable presentation and a quality experience.