Ann Ziegler

Rule Breaker and Marketing Mastermind

World Domination, while not currently on Ann’s plate, could be if you were one of her clients. However, as any marketing shill worth noting would tell you, even world domination requires some basic skill, discipline, a stomach for risk, and, oh yeah, talent.

Ahhhh, that elusive talent. For marketers that means being able to parse existing evidence, look at trends, use the right tools for the job, and then measuring results. It also requires skinning your knees once in awhile, carrying a shovel at all times, and getting back on the horse. Talented marketers know marketing is rarely pretty; but that great marketing delivers results. And, to truly set yourself apart, there may be a bit of rule breaking involved.

Old as dirt, Ann is irreverent enough not to give a shit when the latest thing is destined to last 30 seconds, but savvy enough to spot a good thing when she sees it. That’s why she’s working at Mindspike Design.