John Fischer

Back from the Future

Growing up in the 1980s, John’s imagination lived in a perfect geek zeitgeist of science fiction and technology becoming realized. The space shuttle launched right alongside the personal computer revolution. Movies such as the Star Wars trilogy, E.T., and Blade Runner played to the imagination of a generation who were finding the technology not as alien to them as the generation before. And with the breakthroughs of those early computers: The Amiga, the Commodore 64 and the first Apple Macintosh, provided a frontier platform for John to craft those imaginations into realities. With this background, John continues to capture the zeitgeist of the latest trends in web design and user interaction, and how they translate into value for clients and their customers. Although we still don’t have flying cars, AI-powered android beings, or a moon base, we do have a personal computer that fits inside our pocket, so John’s willing to call it even…for now!