According to research, you only have less than a second to make an impact on visitors to your website. Those milliseconds form not only the first impressions of your website, but a lifetime of impressions about your business.

The mind works in pieces in order to complete a whole picture. An aesthetically pleasing design should have high-definition graphics, complimentary photography, tasteful typography, color coordination, laid out in concert thematically to produce a presentation that correctly reflects the market your business represents. If it works, it can immediately produce a positive opinion of your business in a potential customer’s mind. However, if it doesn’t, it can produce a negative reaction, generally sending the visitor moving on to the next search result.

Visitors have expectations when working with businesses, starting with the perspective your website design brings. A great web design is the foundation of creating the impression of a successful business moving upwards. Poorly built, unmaintained, and outdated websites convey a message of unprofessionalism and a business in decline.Attractive websites capture the attention of visitors using a combination of creativity and engagement. In today’s digital world, your website will probably be the first glimpse a potential customer has of your business, so it’s important to put your best foot forward. After all, in business image is everything.


Be in control of the your business’s image. This does not have to be an exercise in vanity, but rather the perfect way to capture the imagination and enthusiasm of your visitors in order to produce successful conversions.

Talk to Mindspike Design today about crafting a website design that presents your business positively.  Using the latest techniques in user experience and user interface design, we complete the image your business needs to make memorable connections with your website’s visitors, generating engagement and profits. Remember, your website isn’t just another business expense. It’s one of the most important tools to generate new and returning business in today’s world of media and options.