For years, Mindspike has shaped the design landscape. Now, Mindbenders Media will drive the conversation.

The newly-launched Milwaukee-based social-media marketing collective was an idea hatched at the turn of the 21st century — a time when MySpace was your space and the American business landscape was populated like a dot-com boom town.

In the ensuing decade, the idea of mindbenders media developed as social media evolved. We’re launching it at a time when nearly every person and every business on the planet with an internet connection has turned an interested eye to social media.

A picture may say a thousand words, but an entire story can now be told in a Tweet. Mindbenders Media understands this. We provide the intuitive social-media marketing strategy and multi-faceted content businesses are looking for. We have specialists focusing on every array of multimedia and social media. Mindbenders Media’s team of experts create a veritable beehive of social-media buzz around clients, while ensuring they don’t get stung online.

We’ll help you predict the future. Welcome to our world.

The story of Mr. Mindbender

Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado—At the peak of the Atomic age, the blast doors at NORAD opened and Mr. Mindbender was released.

To the untrained eye, Mr. Mindbender lacked the tell-tale signs of uninhibited marketing genius and telekinetic social-media powers. There was no white lab coat or protruding cranium. However, this government-created bionic man did resemble Mr. Clean — who had made his television debut in 1958, about at the time Project Mindbenders was greenlit.

He was more than a drone-like Manchurian candidate, he was morphable. Mr. Mindbenders poured out of the Rockies in an instantaneous torrent of type. He could not be controlled nor captured and freely roamed the plains of the Upper Midwest for days before hunkering down in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward.

Mr. Mindbender quickly assimilated, sinking deeper into the Cream City business community each day. In the early ‘60s, he closely followed the Milwaukee Braves, becoming fast friends — and sharing mind-control secrets — with a young ballplayer named Henry Aaron. Fifty years later, the ageless Mr. Mindbender was hired on at Mindspike Design. He would spend his nights sipping top-shelf Irish whiskey and DVRing a lot of “Cash Cab” (which he ruled at, naturally), waiting for his opportunity to take over.

Then he discovered Twitter.

His @mindbendersMKE account immediately boosted his social profile. And he was quickly friended on Facebook by everyone but the NORAD scientists that created him. Encouraged, he began to gather his power, tapping his voluminous network of connections and wielding his more than a decade of design and marketing expertise for the greater good of better business. He hired on a staff of elite specialists and formed a formidable plan of action. And on June 8, 2012, Mindbenders Media was born.

Mindbenders Media: Bending spoons, moving mountains and driving traffic.