Growing up, I’m not sure why I was so good in art class. It’s probably because I was bad at math and science. And history too – I was bad at remembering who did what and when.

Most marketers I’ve talked to said their biggest challenge this year has been finding a way to grow business with limited resources. I challenge you to find a marketer who doesn’t face this uphill battle, no matter what the economy looks like. Nevertheless, plenty of my clients and colleagues turned to increased efforts in email marketing.

From outsourcing design and distribution to handling it all internally, email marketing was a slick solution to a sticky problem this year. While I can’t see email distribution decreasing anytime soon, I can’t see NOT improving the quality of the art and design that goes into those emails!

If your email marketing is truly part of your marketing mix, then you should know that your brand should have a consistent look – from logo to print to web to whatever-else – and that probably goes double for what you put into your customers email inboxes seeing as how that’s such a hot marketing tactic nowadays.

So, even though that I was poor at math, I still know that one bad email design sent to 300 potential customers equals 300 bad impressions. I might have been bad at science, but I still know that one bad email template design can create bad chemistry between you and your audience.

Stay smart – email marketing is an art, too — make sure you’ve got the best going out before your brand becomes history.