August 22nd, 2012

Usually, you have to travel to tropical locales to truly soak up some rays. But the Ultimate Sun tan can be found about halfway between the equator and the North Pole — right here on Milwaukee’s East Side.

The solar specialists at Mindspike Design have formulated a new way for customers to keep an eye on Ultimate Sun with a brand spankin’ new website.

Ultimate Sun’s five different types of tanning beds are featured, all offering UV-free tanning options — a far cry from the cramped tanning beds of old. And that fresh take on tanning has transferred to the redesign, which includes one-touch drop-down pricing options for Ultimate Sun web surfers. In a spiffy social-media connection, the brand’s Twitter feed has been integrated into the sleek, sexy, photo-focused site.

The fully content-manageable site was created to be mobile friendly, with a responsive design in mind. The redesigned site goes beyond selling Ultimate Sun’s hand-picked products. It also tells fans about who they are with a “meet the fam” tab, profiling each employee’s hometown, favorites, photos and includes a few “rando” references for good measure. shines a positive light on owner Sini Skodras’s stellar shop, which stands the shadows of UWM. Messaging mentions students — a welcome clientele that’s offered special discounts — and caters to sun-seeking patrons looking to add a little color by spray or by bed.

(Cue movie trailer voiceover:) We thoroughly enjoyed working with Ultimate Sun. You could even say this redesign was … fun in the sun.