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If you’ve ever driven west down Wisconsin Avenue, one of Milwaukee’s main thoroughfares, you may have passed right by an unassuming, budget-friendly hotel nestled in Milwaukee’s historic Concordia neighborhood. 

The Village Inn, recently under new ownership, was in serious need of a makeover. For small hotel owners, online reviews can make or break their business, and negative reviews from guests can be expected if the property is outdated or needs major remodeling. The Village Inn’s image, as well as the worn-out exterior and bare-bones rooms, were due for a complete overhaul. 

While the new proprietor set about gutting and remodeling all the rooms and exterior, Mindspike was tasked with helping the hotel shed its dated image with a complete re-branding transformation.

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Mindspike Design began with designing the hotel’s new logo to match the eclectic interior vision of modern-meets-bohemian décor. The logo had to be simple while reflecting design elements utilized in the interior. Since each room was uniquely designed, and no two rooms were the same, we had the challenge of creating a logo that would encapsulate the overall theme of the space without tying it too closely to the look of just one room.

After the final logo was approved, we dove right into website design. The custom WordPress-built website had the main task of showing off the beautiful interior remodel and showcasing the unique rooms to their fullest potential. It was also designed to be intuitive, user-friendly and easy to navigate, making direct booking quick and painless. As a bonus feature, the website highlighted all the attractions in the vicinity that made this hotel the perfect stop for someone who wished to experience all that Milwaukee had to offer.

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The owner of The Village Inn was so impressed with our designs, she even recruited Mindspike to oversee some of the exterior renovations! Our challenge now extended to updating the façade of the building, landscaping design, and other cosmetic embellishments to help bring the exterior of the hotel in line with the rest of the newly restored property. 

So, if you’re ever looking for a conveniently-located, comfortable and affordable place to stay after a day of exploring Milwaukee, we recommend checking out the freshly renovated Village Inn.