Mindspike is proud to say we are friends of one of Milwaukee’s greatest bands The Gufs. Where else can you hear the Gufs? The Radio? Of course! And, if you call mindspike, ask to be put on hold and you will get another chance to listen! Well, instead of just sitting on hold and listening, I thought I would share a video with you today! Mindspike produced, shot and edited the gufs DVD “Live from The Pabst Theater.” We didn’t just do it alone. We teamed up with some of the best crew in Milwaukee. Bryan at Mooves Entertainment, Joe from Midland and many others. The music was edited and mixed by one of Milwaukee’s best producers, Kevin Sucher. Kevin is amazing. You might be able to find Kevin at his studio www.thelaboratorymusic.com, unless he is busy walking down the Grammy runway!

Mindspike knows that to do great work, you need to work with great people. Thanks to The Gufs for letting us follow them around with our cameras in their faces. Check out their DVD! You can get it at theguf.com. It’s loaded with an entire live performance, band interviews, and many funny outtakes. There may even be a hidden track on the DVD somewhere 🙂

Great people. Great results. Great music. Milwaukee has it all.