Has your website been hacked? Don’t worry, it happens to the best websites in the world. However, it doesn’t have to. Website application developments that are released publicly such as WordPress are often vulnerable to attack due to 3rd party software extensions, which often do not have the same vetting as the core development these plugins are designed around. The vulnerabilities will allow for automated scripts to inject malicious content or links to viruses and other bad software, which could lead to liabilities to your visitor’s devices and PCs. They can be a public relations nightmare, as the content could be offensive or dangerous and make your business seem unprepared and unprofessional.

Mindspike Design’s web developers are experts in preventing these attacks. Starting with a complete audit of your website’s security, our tools can provide immediate blocking of bad requests and traffic from suspicious sources. We know the latest in best practices to harden your WordPress site from common entry points for abuse. We expertly update the WordPress website to the latest release of updates for the core project along with any supported plugins. We make recommendations based on your hosting environment, as it’s the first level of defense for a truly secure website.

If your website has been hacked, contact us today. Often, the damage looks worse than it is and if we have full access to the site, we can make repairs and other updates. However, time is of the essence so the damage doesn’t continue to affect visitors to the website. Moving forward, we often recommend a backup schedule and an full security audit so your website that will not repeat with any issues. As the old axiom goes, the best defense is a good offense.