Your logo says a lot of things about your business. It’s supposed to. We know that a picture says a thousand words, but what do you picture when you think of your logo? Better yet, what do other people think of when they see your logo?

Your company’s logo is a recognizable graphic identity. Your logo SHOULD say: “My business has credibility, trust and distinction.” If you’ve asked yourself: “Why do I need a logo?” Then let us set the stage.

What if you walked outside and nobody recognized you? Not your friends, not your colleagues, not even your own mother. You’re forced to introduce yourself to everyone you meet, even the barista, who you see every day, who ALWAYS remembers that you take your coffee with two sugars and soy milk. Your face has been erased from the memories of the world. This is the case with plenty of businesses that operate every day, most right there in plain view of the discerning public eye.

We live in a fast-paced society. We don’t have time to stop and think, and more and more, we use visual cues to remind us of what to do and what to buy. It’s important that your logo creates an image; that when it’s seen, it’s unique to your business and that logo makes your clients and customers recognize your company automatically.

So, if recognition and familiarity are key elements of growing your business, then your logo will be a critical element of your brand. It’ll be a visual cue that portrays the essence of your brand. Remember, to some people – image is everything.

It goes without saying that developing a logo takes time and effort. Your designer will start building a tight relationship with your brand. They’ll think about your company, your business plan, your mission, your background, how you compare with the competition and how you can be set apart. The client-designer relationship is close-knit, so be sure you’re working with a firm that offers more consultancy than just an email that says: “here, fill out this form and we’ll get you a logo next week.”

In the end, you’re getting a strategically sound logo and crucial investment that might even open the door to successful new business opportunities.