We call ourselves graphic artists. Now, it’s occurred to me lately that great designers do very little graphic artwork. Artwork can be anything, and the less we try to define it, the better it gets.

We try not to define our design process, because it might always be different. When it comes to marketing communications, like brochures or sales collateral, we get plenty of that work to keep us busy. Busy is good, but our clients marketing communications projects can’t get slotted into a design process.

It’s a good reminder for us all to know that we need to go beyond the tactical implementation of graphic design for marketing. We need to sit down and get to the soul of our client’s business so we can visually communicate the core message, value and brand positioning.

Ultimately, your mix marketing communications all have big jobs to do. That 5”x7” postcard that announces a new product line to your customers has to first get noticed, then it has communicate a specific message, then it has to call an action. So, what do your marketing communications REALLY say about your business?

The truth is, eventually – your marketing communications will say everything about your business. From what kind of aesthetic value you have to what kind of voice you speak in.

Marketing communication is an ongoing, ever-growing, always-changing necessity. Your investment in marketing communication requires a confident voice, bold design and sales-making returns. You’ve got the power to positively affect every aspect of your business operation. But, this can only happen if your marketing communication actually communicates.

Of all the opportunities you’ve got within your Marketing Communications, what can you most effectively use to communicate your most important message?

Is it:
• sales promotion?
• direct marketing campaign?
• trade show or convention?
• PR or publicity?
• A sponsorship?
• Bold point-of-sale and merchandising?
• New packaging?
• A hot new email marketing or internet promotions campaign?