Office and Retail Furnishings Dealer Website Design

RCS Innovations is a Milwaukee area full service distributor of furnishings for commercial, retail, and office environments. Their product line tend towards the latest in modern ergonomics and styles, for a wide range of clients. Keeping up with those trends means they need to have a web design in tune with their forward-thinking products. We’ve worked closely with RCS for a number of years to create brand awareness through their logo and color scheme, which is complimented by the website design, featuring a remarkable contrast of colors. The elegance and simplicity of their products is also reflected in the layout, allowing a smooth responsive transition between desktop and mobile devices. The owner of RCS is a prolific blogger, so we made sure we created a site using WordPress so the ease of use of publishing articles was inherent. Check out their website to read his entries, they are the perfect blend of substance, humor, and non-sequiturs that we’ve ever read!